Youth Presentations

Learn why Relevancy is our Specialty as you treat your students to what will be some of their favorite assemblies of the year. Then, use our curriculum materials and games as a creative way to sustain their excitement and learning!

Columbia Alt Juvenile-Hotep

TITLE: Don’t Give Them A Reason: Dealing with authority at Home, School and in the Streets

Workshop Type: Youth Presentation

Topics Covered: conflict resolution, de-escalation, making better decisions, respecting authority, controlling emotions, considering consequences, following directions, dealing with parents, teachers, supervisors, police

Description: Students (especially males) are losing. They are losing opportunities, their freedom and lives. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of incarcerated and suspended young ladies as well. Much of their troubles can be avoided if they knew how to better respond to authority. This workshop: addresses the need for authority, describes the different types of authority, explains how to effectively deal with all authority and outlines the unfortunate results of what happens when people fail to respond appropriately to authority. In the end, students will understand that much of the outcome of their interactions with authority is within their own control.

Tampa Hotep and Barry Reading


Workshop Type: Youth Presentation

Topics Covered: why reading, writing and speaking are important/ how people use literary skills to lead/ how people use literary skills to make money/ how to improve test scores and grades in school

Description: Hotep is a best-selling author of over 12 books, world-renowned speaker and educator; ironically though, when he was a student, he was shy and hated school (particularly reading and writing classes). In this presentation, he will share his amazing personal story of transition and pull the lessons from it that will demonstrate how reading and writing are the keys to all leadership, success and wealth. Students (even the males) will be inspired and motivated to run back to class and share their new found love of literacy.

TITLE: Keep It Moving: Don’t Let Anything Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

Workshop Type: Youth Presentation

Topics Covered: Violence Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Resiliency, Positive Habit/ Behavior Formation, Goal Setting

Description: Keep It Moving is a resiliency, violence prevention and conflict resolution presentation that helps students march forward through Trials and Tribulations onward to Triumph! The strategies taught focus on helping young people solve common day-to-day life problems by setting and focusing on goals, forming better habits, changing non-productive behavior, being proactive and making better decisions. The masterful techniques in Keep It Moving aid in anger management, anti-bullying, stress/anxiety reduction, depression and problem solving.

“All students have problems; but successful students know how to effectively SOLVE problems. Most of their challenges can be prevented BEFORE they even start. The rest can be overcome by changing the way they DEAL with them.”  –Hotep, presenter, author, educational success strategist

Desoto Middle Feb1

TITLE: 10 Things Every Leader Must Know (Rules to the Game Called Life)

Workshop Type: Youth Presentation

Topics Covered: Leadership, Career Soft Skills, Life Skills: time management, choosing the right friends, positive behavior, adopting the right attitude, dressing for success,

Description: The 10 Things Every Leader Must Know presentation is a real talk, solution-based presentation that shows youth how to WIN at the game called life by first recognizing the “rules.” These ideas are told through stories of trials and tribulations and how hard work at school leads to triumph! The presentation not only provides the 10 principles, but also, how they can be easily applied in school, at home and at work.

Arizona Flagstaff visit 11-12-14 Hotep

TITLE: Scholars Make Dollars: The Real Reasons Why You Need
to Be in School (aka Bored of Education)

Workshop Type: Youth Presentation

Topics Covered: Problem-Solving, Pursuing Excellence, Dropout Prevention, Resiliency, Wise Decision-Making, Life Skills

Description: When a young person asks, “Why should I go to school”, most of us find it difficult to provide an adequate answer. When we think about the state of the economy and the number of unemployed/ underemployed citizens, we all know that the traditional answers simply don’t apply anymore. Scholars Make Dollars  is a presentation that addresses the question, but more importantly provides the answers that youth have been looking for! It shows how to shift students’ perception of school and  illustrates its direct link to them achieving their wildest dreams!

 Guilford Hotep Youth talk

TITLE:  Everything You Need to Know Before You Graduate: REAL
Talk to Prepare You for the REAL WORLD

Workshop Type: Youth Presentation

Topics Covered: Graduation, Transition, Money Management, Job & Career Readiness, Life Skills

Description: Everything You Need To Know provides the tips and techniques to better prepare young people for the trials and tribulations of real life. It shares many of the key things needed to transition into the world as a productive member of society.