Staff Trainings

Allow your staff to experience our one-of-a-kind trainings and they’ll beg for more! That’s because educators need more than just Professional Development…..for us, PD stands for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT! Not only do we provide them with practical strategies and relevant tools, we’ll also re-ignite their passion for teaching! Watch your entire staff’s new found enthusiasm and confidence create an impact that can be felt school-wide at every level!Book Now Button

MAKE A WAY staff trainings include :

  • Addressing the Poverty Mindset
  • Making Education Relevant
  • Building Healthy and Authentic Relationships
  • Improving Teacher Morale
  • Effective Classroom Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Positive Behavior
  • Reaching and Teaching Males of Color
  • Cultural Diversity and Equity
  • Creative Literacy Techniques to Improve Reading and Writing Scores


How to Get Rid of a Pain in the CLASS

Workshop Type: 1-2 Day Professional Development/ Staff Training

Topics Covered: Student Engagement and Retention/ Cultural Diversity/ Conflict Resolution/ Class Management and Discipline/ Resiliency/ Building Positive Relationships and Rapport/ Transforming Class Climate/ Motivating At-Risk Youth/ Teaching Black Males/ Addressing Poverty Mindset

Description: How to Get Rid of a Pain in the CLASS is a transformative, 1-2 day professional development workshop for educators of “at-risk” and otherwise challenged youth. It provides simple, practical and solution-based strategies for teachers/ administrators to reduce, overcome or eliminate the most common problems in schools including: cultural diversity, discipline/ excessive referrals, improving academic performance, reaching black males and more! The innovative and proven approaches detailed in How to Get Rid of a Pain in the CLASS are not only effective, they also reduce teacher stress and improve morale of both educators and those they wish to educate!

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Addressing the Poverty Mindset

Workshop Type: Half Day – 1 Day Professional Development/ Staff Training

Topics Covered: Symptoms of Poverty/ Understanding Poverty Priorities/ Transforming Low-Income School Climate/ Engaging Families/ Breaking Poverty Cycles

Description: While many use the words poor and poverty synonymously, they are very different. Poor is the state of having little money. Poverty is a mindset; a system of beliefs, attitudes and perspectives. Schools that serve low-income communities tend to face similar and pervasive issues that are actually a result of the Poverty Mindset. This workshop clarifies what true poverty is, why it exists, how it secretly impacts our schools and what we can do to change it…permanently!


10 Things Every Teacher Must Know: Timeless Education Strategies for Today’s Youth

Workshop Type: Half- 1 Day Professional Development/ Staff Training

Topics Covered: Proactive Education Approach/ Cultural Diversity/ Using Incentives/ Improving Academic Outcomes/ Positive Behavior Support/ Reducing Referrals/ Working with At-Risk Students

Description: A rock‘em-sock‘em presentation for teachers and administrators both new and seasoned! Combining ancient wisdom and best practices from great educators and success coaches around the nation, this workshop sheds light on ten little ideas that make a BIG difference in education. We will dispel common myths regarding: cultural diversity, engaging at-risk youth, modifying behavior, reducing referrals, effective class management, using incentives, and the single BIGGEST, transformative secret about education.

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Behavior is a Symptom…NOT the Problem: The New PBIS

Workshop Type: Half Day Professional Development/ Staff Training

Topics Covered: 4 stages of discipline/ the Outcome Progression Model/ class management techniques/ PBIS/ using incentive programs/ improving relevance and relationships/ expectations/ RTI

Description: Behavior is a Symptom demystifies the common behavior problems exhibited in schools by first explaining WHY they occur and the teaching HOW to change them. This workshop will: share the precursors that lead to all behavior, inform on how to transform academic and behavioral outcomes, explain what leads to at-risk behaviors and why people repeat the same negative behaviors and demonstrate how relevance and relationships impact behavior. In the end, attendees will learn what is being called “The New PBIS”!

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