Hotep: Educational Success Strategist, Congressional Award-Winning Author, Speaker & Trainer  Atlanta, GA

Education Success Strategist and Congressional award-winning author, Hotep is widely known for his proactive, “tough love” approach to education. He is a 15-year master teacher that has developed a reputation for requesting the most troubled students and transforming them into willing participants in their own education. Hotep is the founder of Hustle University and creator of the MAKE A WAY program, a series of high relevancy curricula which are used in over 1000 schools throughout the U.S. His profound work has earned him nominations for the Presidential Citizen’s Award and as a CNN Hero. Hotep is also creator of the revolutionary Outcome Progression Model, which he uses to transform the climate and culture of poverty, excuse making and helplessness into one of empowerment, resiliency and success!


MBA                           South University, Savannah, GA                                  Dec 2012

B.A.                            Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA                                  May 1995

Early Childhood Education (Certified K-5)



2011                            Nominated Presidential Citizens Award,

2010                            Nominated CNN Hero,

2009                            Chozen Award, Beacon of Hope

2002                            Congressman John Lewis Community Leader Award, GA



The Outcome Progression Model was developed by success strategist Hotep, to demonstrate that every outcome is a result due to a sequential progression of 4 individual factors. Each factor is built upon the preceding level and is derived from the foundation starting with the individual’s upbringing. From this beginning, a chain of events can be traced and linked, leading to the ending result (outcome).


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Hotep is the author of over 14 published works including textbooks, workbooks, coloring books, DVDs and card games. His revolutionary programs and materials are used in over 1000 schools/districts today.


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Over recent years, Hotep has become one of the nation’s most highly-demanded speakers. He has served  as a keynote speaker/trainer for  numerous clients including:

  • Urban League
  • Clemson University
  • NEA
  • National Alternative Education Association
  • Atlanta Public Library System
  • Florida Fund For Minority Teachers
  • Fulton County Juvenile Court

…and many more.

Beyond being a former elementary school teacher and nationally known educational consultant, Hotep is also the founder of his own school called; Hustle University. is a virtual institution of higher learning for entrepreneurs. The mission of Hustle U is to teach leadership skills through entrepreneurship. The curriculum promotes academic excellence, personal responsibility, self-empowerment and the teachings of proven success strategies.