About MAW

MAKE A WAY is an educational consulting firm that specializes in high relevancy Social Emotional, College and Career Readiness programming. Our goal is to empower the climate and culture of organizations that work with at-risk youth and traditionally underserved populations. We provide a year-long, wrap around consulting service and highly RELEVANT curriculum materials that provide educational strategies to build stronger RELATIONSHIPS and bring RESULTS!

Our annual school wrap-around consulting service consists of:

  • Strategic Planning and Consulting for Administrators
  • Climate and Culture Improvement Action Plan & Reinforcement
  • Professional and Personal Development for educators
  • Prevention & Intervention for At-risk youth
  • Long-Term group mentoring for males or females
  • Social-Emotional Learning curriculum materials, training & implementation
  • College, Career and Life Readiness program and training
  • Parent Engagement and Involvement

Documented results include improved:

    • Achievement test scores and school grades
    • School Climate
    • Social and emotional skills
    • Behavior Referral Rates
    • Classroom behavior
    • Teacher Morale
    • Student engagement and attendance
    • Attitudes about themselves, others, and school

The MAKE A WAY Social-Emotional Curriculum:

MAW 4square book diagram logo jpg

The MAKE A WAY Digital Curriculum Resource Center:

To ensure the MAKE A WAY program is implemented with fidelity, and to improve accountability, each teacher will have access to download additional materials from our ever-growing Digital Curriculum Resource Center.


The MAKE A WAY method:

At MAKE A WAY, we offer a unique and holistic approach to addressing common school challenges by focusing on organizational Climate and Culture. Research has shown, that climate and culture effects nearly every aspect of school performance. This is an often over-looked area for school improvement. Our consulting, training, presentations and materials help schools create and reinforce a clear, positive and strong climate and culture; which, as a result, creates an environment of high relevancy, engagement, performance, instruction and relationship building for administrators, teachers, students and parents.


The MAKE A WAY secret:

Our program creates sustainable change and results because we address the B.S. (belief systems) that lead to poor academic performance and behavior. Developed by founder & Success Strategist Hotep, the Outcome Progression Model demonstrates that all academic outcomes and behaviors are symptoms of deeply rooted beliefs. The MAKE A WAY program strategically addresses dysfunctional beliefs which in turn, improves school outcomes.